Software Development

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Internet is the one which is growing exceptionally fast in global trading, hence every investors wants their business in web to show that they are up-to date. Internet marketing, creating brand identities on web are more advantageous for you, to sell your products to millions of consumers for their shopping needs. All these can be done by creating your own softwares especially for your business or using custom web applications. It is mandatory to have strong web applications setup for various types of businesses. As your business may require online payment, you may have the option to give seasonal discounts, update any recent activities, updating recent products and information etc, globally with minimum efforts.

Crantia has an expert team with years of experienced software developers. Our software developers will get your business ideas transform the same into perfect online application. Online application development process has many stages; you will be kept informed at every stage. So that, you could share your ideas with us to better our development process and the final product.


Crantia's Java/J2EE Application development services include Web, Enterprise & Desktop platforms. We develop web applications with powerful server-side programming in Java/J2EE. Our proven user interface design services enable us to create Java/J2EE web applications that are easy for clients to use. Java, J2EE Enterprise application development is one of the core areas where Crantia has excelled. With an experienced, diverse team of J2EE developers & integration specialists, we have developed software solutions which emulate real-world issues to create a variety of Java applications. We also help our clients to maintain, improve, extend and optimize existing Java/J2EE applications.


Crantia team of developers has consistently developed, delivered, and applied many ASP based projects, which have helped the clients in addressing their core issues and effectively manage their complex requirements. A unique combination of targeted and cost effective development gives Crantia an upper edge, since few companies offer such state-of-the-art development along with reliable and consistent backup support to the clients.