Web Development

Understand the usability, Changing in to an easy way,Provides you the best quality

Crantia is an IT services provider focused on providing highly scalable business solutions to our clients with innovative approaches and advanced methodologies. We assist our clients with our wide array of solutions and services customized for a range of key verticals & horizontals in a very cost effective manner.

The company's reputation is built upon solving complex business problems to provide reliable and scalable business solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide high performance applications in highly transactional environments.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content management systems (CMS) function to present information on websites and allow for publishing, editing, and modifying content from a centralized interface. These systems provide blogging tools and a publishing platform to simplify the process of website development. To make things even easier for content management systems providers, Crantia collaborates with clients to create, promote, and sell their applications. Crantia helps reduce objections and unlock new markets and increase monthly recurring revenue. Furthermore, Crantia works with partners to provide best in class Content Management Systems in order to minimize competitive displacement and works to accelerate time to value by reducing customer efforts.


Our PHP development services cover managed websites to custom PHP applications to e-commerce websites. Each project we do reflects our best practice based approach. Our practical and proven technical capabilities help clients reduce costs, and improve their business performance by nullifying recurring expenses.

We provide effective and easily affordable PHP web programming services in order to render a range of PHP web development services for both new and existing websites running on PHP/Apache/MySQL combination which is becoming the choice of IT and non-IT industry leaders for dynamic web sites. PHP language has become one of the de facto platforms for the web application development market, especially in the small and medium businesses.

Web & UI Design

Keeping the needs of the clients in mind, Crantia designs and develops websites which are pathbreaking in terms of design and technology. We design websites from scratch or develop your existing websites, making it aesthetically appealing, search-engine friendly and cross-browser compatible. As we understand that client is the king, requisitions and suggestions by the client will be included in the design, no matter how hard we have work towards it. We design web sites , that are unique involving custom graphics, well-designed banners, logos, and quick loading components, at affordable prices.